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General Rules

  • 7-on-7, 12 max roster
  • 44 minute game, played over two 22 minute halves
  • Running clock, except for the final two minutes of the second half
  • Field divided into yard boxes, and first downs are awarded each time the offense reaches the next box.
  • No blocking, kicking, or fumbles.

  • Once the ball is snapped, the rusher must be 7yrds from the LOS, and the quarterback will have a total of seven seconds to release the ball or cross the line of scrimmage, if there is a hand off the 7 yrd rule is no longer in affect.
  • The quarterback cannot run unless rushed.
  • All players are eligible downfield
  • 6 pts per TD.
  • Teams will have option based on distance to convert PATs 1 point for 5 yrds out, 2 points for 10 yrds out, PAT may be returned for 2 points.
  • Regular football yardage and loss of down on certain penalties.
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